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Since 1869, we have been manufacturing paper processing machines and systems tailored to your specific needs in the paper, film, packaging, printing, and textile industries. Our product range includes cylindrical paper tubes and cores, as well as square, rectangular, and oval paper tubes and cans. Our production lines are complemented by flexible palletizing and packaging automation systems.

Paper converting machinery since 1869

Our machines are extremely robust and renowned in the industry for their longevity. We guarantee our customers efficient production and the highest, consistent quality of the manufactured products.

Spiral Winding Lines
Our process is called "spiral winding." For over 70 years, we have been designing and constructing winding systems for the production of spiral tubes. On our systems for standard tubes and cores, a wide variety of products for the paper, film, and textile industries are manufactured. With our experience, we can manufacture the desired products for your application in all industrial sectors.
Standard Cores
On our systems for standard tubes and cores, a wide variety of products for the paper, film, and textile industries are manufactured.
  • Ø 50 - 150 mm: Mailing tubes, carpet tubes
  • Ø 37 - 76 mm: Adhesive tape cores and photo cores
  • Ø 70 - 400 mm: Paper mill cores
  • Ø 50 - 150 mm: Film cores and carpet tubes
  • Wall thickness from 3 mm to 30 mm
Small Cores
On our small-diameter machines, we can produce products such as applicator cores, household cores, winding cores, and tubes for flexible packaging or similar applications.
  • Ø 10 - 28 mm: for thermotubes, writing instruments, and thin-walled tubes for special purposes
  • Ø 25 - 38 mm: for household cores, gift wrap cores, and adhesive tape cores
  • Ø 38 - 53 mm: for adhesive tape cores, hygiene paper cores, and cartridges
  • Ø 56 - 69 mm: for texturing cores (DTY)
  • Wall thicknesses up to 8 mm.
Highspeed Cores
We specialize in building high-speed spiral winding systems tailored to the satisfaction of our customers and business partners in the hygiene paper and packaging industries. At high speeds, we can manufacture toilet paper rolls, cores for paper towels and gift wrapping paper, or similar products. With the appropriate belt and tube speeds, we can tailor our systems to achieve fast and efficient production of your product.
  • Ø 25 - 70 mm: for hygiene paper, gift paper, and paper towel rolls
  • Max. Ø 100 mm
  • Wall thickness up to 5 mm. 
Big Cores
For over 70 years, we have been constructing highly specialized systems and spiral winding machines for the construction, steel, and paper industries. For specific applications such as construction tubes, tubes for winding steel strips, or cartons, we have already developed special solutions for our customers worldwide.
  • Ø 150 - 1200 mm: for construction tubes
  • Ø 405 - 408 mm: for stirrers for strapping bands
  • Ø 400 - 1000 mm: for fiber drums
  • Customizations up to 1500 mm in diameter
  • Wall thickness up to 30 mm.
Many additional features can be incorporated into the systems to produce the desired end product.
Composite container lines
Combination cans have evolved into a distinct packaging material, no longer reminiscent of the cheap, improved packaging of wartime. The name "combination cans" is derived from the design of the can. They are manufactured from various materials, mostly paper-based. Any type of combination can is possible. As the name suggests, a combination of various materials tailored to the desired end product is possible.
  • Common sizes: Ø 20 - 160 mm
  • Wall thickness up to 2 mm
Interior: PE, Aluminium, Cardboard Wall: Craft Liner Cardboard, high-quality cardboard
Label: Offset Paper
Lid: Plastic
Bottom: Metal or Cardboard
We supply complete systems consisting of winders, labeling machines, sealing machines, and carton packers. With these, production of up to 300 cans/min is achievable.
Universal tubes
Universal cores, also known as non-round cores, are used for a variety of packaging solutions. Advantages over their natural foe, the folding carton, include their strength, simple production, flexible sizes, and various designs, such as internal/external labeling. In principle, all convex cross-sections can be produced. These are used for packaging high-quality semi-finished goods and metal parts, as well as for high-quality finished products.
  • Common sizes: 30 - 416 mm
  • Custom sizes and cross-sections available upon request
Our systems produce round, oval, square, and rectangular tubes. The cutting system can cut long tubes or sections from approximately 300 mm.
Drum Lines and Tubes
Our in-house developed fully automatic production machine, named QRMA, for square containers made from square tubes, is utilized by customers in the packaging industry for containers in the chemical sector. These containers serve as an alternative to round barrels and are entirely made of cardboard. The square footprint saves space and transportation costs. The system can produce containers of various sizes with a wide range of cross-sections. Standard sizes include 270 x 270 mm, 370 x 370 mm, and 550 x 550 mm in almost any height desired.
  • Common sizes: 260 mm, 370 mm, and 550 mm.
  • In principle, other cross-sections from 260 mm to 550 mm are also producible. We look forward to receiving your inquiry. 
The fully automatic production machine for square containers offers the following advantages:
  • Dimensions: 17 m length, 2.4 m width, and 5 m height
  • Container height adjustment in less than 15 minutes
  • Container size adjustment in less than 2 - 3 hours
  • State-of-the-art servo drives
  • 30 axes for short conversion times
  • Controlled by a Siemens PLC, operated via a comfortable, large-format Siemens Touch Panel
Core cutting
We manufacture various models of cutting machines. For different purposes, shorter cores are needed than those that can be produced on a spiral winding machine with cutting facilities. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to cut tubes to the desired length afterwards. Our model AZB, featuring only one blade, is used for cutting long and thick-walled tubes in paper mills.
  • Partial width: min. 30 mm - 1,500 mm, depending on the configuration
  • Wall thickness: 2 mm - 12 mm 
Our cutting machines operate either semi-automatically or with fully automatic tube loading and unloading.

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